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Do Something! February 14, 2015 16:12

I had the opportunity to attend the men's fellowship at my local church Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake this morning.  The topic of discussion was the Sanctity of Life.  The Executive Pastor very simply shared scriptures with the men to show the stance of the True and Living God on this subject.  God's word is crystal clear on this subject.

#1: What is found developing in the wombs of pregnant women is indeed a person.  While pro-choice legislators and supporters trivialize this point, we can trust the words found in the Bible that proclaim this fact. (Genesis 25:22, Judges 13:7, Jeremiah 1:5, Matthew 1:23, Luke 1:15)

#2:  This is not simply a "Women's" issue.  Many men shy away from this subject and this MUST change.  I don't have all the answers why... Maybe there is fear of retribution from feminists.? Maybe it's because of ignorance of the issue? Men... Especially Christian men must open their mouths to be a voice for the voiceless.  By God's design, men are charged to be protectors (Genesis 2).

#3:  The Church must do SOMETHING!  When I say church, I'm not referring solely to the "institution".  I'm referring to the individual members of the body of Christ.  Some will stand in front of abortion clinics to plead for the lives of the unborn.  Some will stand in front of these clinics and pray.  Some will stand in front of these clinics and hand out gospel tracts.  Some will use their social media accounts to bring awareness.  Some will wear the #AllLivesMatter T-Shirt from Paraclete Tees.  Some will volunteer or donate to a Christ centered pregnancy center like Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater or the Morning Center of Memphis. Some will make themselves available to adopt a child or children.  Some churches will participate in Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Some churches will host designated times of prayer.  This is not at all an exhaustive list of practical things that can be done.  The spirit of the list is to encourage the church to do something.  God may have burdened your heart to serve in a particular way.  Be obedient!

May God awaken His church in the United States.  May God stir the hearts of men to take the lead and protect the most innocent of us.  May fear not be found among us.