Breaking The Ice With a Christian T-Shirt March 25, 2015 14:36

The Cambridge Idioms Dictionary defines the term "Break the Ice" as:  To make people who have not met before feel more relaxed with each other. Icebreakers are a valuable tool for the Christian who takes the Great Commission seriously.  I have used (and currently still do) gospel tracts as icebreakers from "Living Waters" and "One Million Tracts" for several years.

The T-Shirt pictured above has sparked (as of today) nearly 800 posts in one week on our Tumblr blog.  The interaction on that picture gives proof that T-Shirts are a good choice to help break the ice for a conversation about the personhood of children forming in the wombs of pregnant women. While some would be upset with the negative comments, threats, and name calling, we are elated that God would use this simple T-Shirt to create the opportunity to share God's truth regarding the lives of the unborn.

One of Paraclete Tees goals is to create unique designs to help it's customers communicate a Christian worldview.  Let us help you bring awareness to the bloodshed of over 57 MILLION innocent children in the wombs of their mother.  Get your Pro Life t-shirt at our online store and pray that the opportunity arises for you to discuss this matter with someone every time you wear it.  

We pray that the time will come that this Pro Life T-Shirt will not be needed.  But until that time comes, Paraclete Tees is committed to come alongside you by providing Christian T-Shirts that are Bold, Unique, and Doctrinally sound.